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Many businesses struggle with HR technology that began with a payroll system and through the passage of time has grown into multiple systems to meet different HR functions. Unfortunately, these systems don’t always work well together and require your team to enter the same data into multiple platforms creating inefficiencies and an increased risk of errors in information.

An integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) system may be just the solution for you to address these challenges giving your team the resource necessary to work more efficiently and effectively while saving you time and money. Let’s take a look at a few ways an integrated HCM system can give you an edge over your competition by addressing some challenges your HR team may face.

1. Repetitive HR Tasks

Repeatedly entering the same data into multiple systems for record keeping and attendance, time off, payroll and performance reviews is time consuming and increases the odds of errors occurring. An integrated HCM platform allows you to update information in one location, improving accuracy of information and leaving your team with more time to focus on strategic human resource initiatives such as discovering ways to boost employee retention or developing effective employee engagement strategies.

2. Reporting and Analytics.

Running various reports in multiple systems creates many challenges, such as comparing and manipulating data, to get the usable information you need to make informed decisions. This can be tedious and time consuming to perform causing many headaches along the way. With an integrated system your team will have the flexibility to generate custom reports and analytics based on accurate, real time information.

3. System Security

Data and document security continues to be at the forefront of the technology industry and are critical considerations for all of your platforms. Secure login processes and other system security measures result in a daily battle to stem the tide of a breach. Multiple systems require your team to login to each systems to access information. This can increase the number of opportunities a hacker has to enter your systems and expose your sensitive data. With an HCM system, your team will only need to login to one system to access the information, providing a higher degree of security and peace of mind.  

4. Managing Multiple Vendors

Each of your systems operates well independently, but they don’t fully integrate into one seamless system. Subsequent upgrades to these systems require time and energy on your team to reintegrate the systems. This is costly in time, IT resources as well as you run the risk of losing valuable data. An integrated HR system from one vendor eliminates the need to work with multiple systems from multiple vendors for each of your HR functions. No longer will you need to spend valuable time and IT resources managing upgrades and reintegrating software into multiple systems. The likelihood for losing valuable data by manipulating several systems also decreases . 

5. Regulatory Compliance

Keeping current on local, state and federal employment regulations is a large task for any company. An integrated HCM system contains up-to-date forms such as W-4s and I-9s along with real-time guidance on compliance issues that reduces the chances of incurring costly fines or lawsuits.

Overall, the goal of any change you make to your technology systems should be to improve your company’s efficiency and effectiveness. Think about how your current HR technology system functions.  Are you wasting valuable time and resources with work-arounds and settling for mediocre results? If so, an integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) system can transform your operations creating more efficient and streamlined process, saving you time and money.  For more information or to review your current systems, contact the team at McClone to learn more about how you can position your company for growth and success.

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