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Refreshing Insights

As we settle into more of a workday routine this week, we thank our amazing team at McClone for their hard work and resilience. We keep finding ways to collaborate and support each other, working to ensure we provide exceptional service to both our clients and community through these uncertain times.

While we continue to monitor business developments and share relevant news, we also celebrate our diverse team. From HR consultants, IT personnel and administrative associates to account managers and sales leaders, our team members are dedicated to client success and community involvement—even if we must do it from a safe distance for the foreseeable future. 

This month meet Cori Harris. She joined the McClone Commercial Lines team last year and works out of our Sheboygan office. In her role as account manager, Cori is one of our go-to contacts for clients with commercial insurance policies.

Let’s learn more about her.

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What is your role on the team?

As an Account Manager, my role covers an expanse of responsibilities related to policies. Most of my day-to-day work is focused on managing a book of renewal policies and fielding questions from clients. I assist clients with problem solving, coverage research and education, and proactive solutions. I also serve as a bridge between clients, Risk Advisors and insurance carriers to advocate for clients’ needs.

What are some of your favorite things about your job?

One of my favorite things about my job is the group of amazing coworkers at McClone. Each of us has a collaborative spirit, and our organization has fostered an environment where no one is afraid to step up and get the job done. I am a task-oriented person, so I love completing a to-do list. It’s very gratifying to see the hard work come full circle when we provide an innovative solution to a client.  

Another aspect of my job that I enjoy is getting to know Sheboygan and the surrounding cities via my clients. As a newcomer to this area, it’s fun to drive down the street and realize, “Hey, that’s a business I work with!” Knowing that my clients are also my neighbors helps me feel at home in my new community.

Why do you choose to work for McClone?

During my job hunt, one of my primary goals was to find an organization that genuinely believes in growing a positive company culture that supports its employees. McClone is such an organization.

It was crucial for me to find a workplace that values and utilizes employee feedback. Customer facing employees are some of the most vital in the organization and our experiences offer a wealth of knowledge. When something isn’t working, we are often the first to know, so I appreciate the value McClone places on listening.

I also like working for a company that acknowledges each person has a life that doesn’t always fit into a singular box. The flexibility and support for employees to balance work and life is much appreciated.  

What are you ambitious about?

I am passionate about giving our clients a consistent and outstanding experience. Client facing roles have a variety of constant demands, so it is critical that we properly train and support these employees. I strongly advocate for empowering our team to share their ideas and skills. We can help inform training and improve businesses processes in a meaningful way that positively impacts both employees’ daily experiences and the client experience.

What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of work?

My boyfriend Alex and I aren’t from this area, so a lot of the last year or so has been spent exploring Sheboygan. We are always on the hunt for a good walking/biking trail or a fan-favorite restaurant. It also turns out the library here is amazing, so we are fans of regularly renting movies and checking out books. They also have a garden seed bank—you should check it out! There are so many other amenities here that we look forward to experiencing, like a Packers game, the ballet, the opera and the list goes on.

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