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Refreshing Insights

1 min read | 11/29/2017

An Excruciatingly Painful Issue for Employers to Solve...that Doesn't Have to Be!

December 5th, 2017 at 1:00pm CST

What you will Learn

The leading cause of death in the U.S. is drugs! The implications are rapid. radical changes are occurring and having a significant financial and safety risk for employers. Therefore, as an employer, how do you manage these challenges? Get answers to:

  • Your Bottom Line - the shocking costs of substance abuse to your company.
  • Marijuana - as it is legal in over half the states, the immediate paradigm is, "how do I legally address recreational and medical marijuana at work?" Learn the impact, your legal rights to prohibit , test & discipline for it, including how to manage an employee with a medical marijuana card.
  • Pain Meds - Understand the impacts at work & how to establish specific protocols without violating privacy laws while enhancing safety.
  • OSHA's New Ruling - discover a sound approach to conducting post-accident testing with specific definitions and procedures for conducting post-accident testing that is compliant.

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Christine Clearwater serves as President of Drug-Free Solutions Group, LLC (DSG). a risk management - loss control consulting firm specializing in substance abuse prevention in the workplace. As a prominent consultantm author and national speaker, Christine is one of the leading specialists in America and has established DSG to be the consulting firm of choice for over 1500 nationally and internationally based clients in most every industry.


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