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Goodwill & McClone
Partnering to drive down health insurance costs

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Thanks for the Opportunity

We are flattered to be considered as a partner for your organization and thank you for the opportunity to share how we will work with you to achieve your organizational goals around your employee benefits.

Below, you’ll find the answers to the questions you requested in your RFP. Once you’ve had a chance to review the information, please reach out with any questions or to talk further. Thanks again!

McClone Success Stories
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Goodwill RFP

Our primary goal is to partner with you to reduce your organizations risk and grow over time. Here's our answers to address your specific needs and questions requested in your RFP. 

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McClone Leadership

Success Stories


How One Municipality Reduced Its Healthcare Premiums

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A Proactive Approach to Reducing Work Comp Premiums

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RiskMAP Process

Monitor ResultsYou and your company are dynamic – what works for you today might not work as well tomorrow. The continued success with your risk management program requires consistent evaluation. We will use a variety of tools to monitor your plan’s performance with verifiable data and reports. We’ll tailor the appropriate analytics for you so we can measure the success of your plan and adapt the program as your business evolves and changes. Implement SolutionsDuring this stage, we put in place the specially tailored programs and strategies designed to achieve your short and long term goals. A strong belief in our process motivates underwriters to offer much lower insurance costs on your behalf. Develop StrategyOur team will use the information gathered to explore a spectrum of alternative strategies to minimize risk and reduce insurance costs. We will present available opportunities to you for us to work together to build an action plan to achieve your objectives. We also determine if there are value added support tools available that can be used to achieve your goals. Identify RiskDiscovering what makes your organization unique is the most important step for us. As your partner, we learn about your initiatives and the risks your company faces and assess the current programs, policies and procedures in place to address them. With this information we are able to analyze how we can partner with you and make sure the appropriate carrier and vendor relationships are in place and aligned with your vision and goals.

Why McClone?

Good question. Our approach is centered around helping you create a personalized, strategic plan that proactively mitigates many of the business risks you face every day and to lower those risks and their subsequent costs over time. You can be confident in our ability to help you achieve that based on our:

  • Extensive set of products and resources and a broad array of services
  • Collaborative team of experienced experts
  • Proprietary RiskMAP process designed from the ground up with the help of professional underwriters and business executives
  • Tools and resources developed throughout the years of working with multiple industries and business models
  • Distinction among the top 2% of insurance brokers and agents in the nation

The McClone team is uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class protection while also leveraging the market to get you the best value. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What We Do

Business Insurance


Building process improvements, risk control and comprehensive risk management strategies for your organization that work together to drive up your organization's competitive advantage.

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Employee Benefits


Implementing strategies to encourage healthy lifestyles, boost company growth and give you control over the rising cost of health insurance while delivering benefits that employees value.

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Human Resources


Creating big picture strategies for your organization’s HR efforts that will save you time, energy and cost, ensure compliance and build a great workplace that engages people and drives better business results.

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Personal Insurance


Providing a variety of resources tailored to your unique lifestyle to protect you from various risks and liabilities, and delivering a service experience that minimizes the demands on your schedule.

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“McClone’s team is highly reliable and they stand behind what they say they’re going to deliver. They work to establish personal relationships that we’ve really come to value; we see their team as true friends and trusted advisors who are easy to work with and who will be responsive when we reach out.”

Greg Benrud
President, Aurizon Ultrasonics

“We’ve really loved McClone’s approach to managing our company’s risk, especially in an industry as nuanced as construction. I have confidence that McClone has nothing but the best in mind for our business, and they’re actively looking for solutions and opportunities that make our organization better.”

Jodi Miller-Larson
Executive Director of Administration, Tweet/Garot

“McClone’s proactivity and responsiveness are second-to-none. We rest easy knowing that McClone’s on it when we send a question their way or need some guidance. They’ve also been incredibly transparent with us about what we’d been paying for benefits in the past and what we should be paying, and their honesty and careful attention to detail is incredibly refreshing in an industry like theirs.”

Jeff Voigt
Director of Operations, Major Industries

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