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How HR Helped One Company
Turn A Profit

The Story

Despite its growing workforce and demand for its products, a family-owned manufacturer of industrial machine parts located in Wisconsin struggled to turn a profit, get the most out of its employees and build a collaborative culture. The company already saw the benefits of working with McClone to establish its employee benefits package, so it turned to their team of experts for recommendations on its organizational structure.

After extensive evaluation and interviews with both executives and support staff, a detailed analysis report revealed the need for multiple initiatives to address a need for additional layers of leadership, best practices and compliance. While difficult for the close-knit company to address areas of poor performance, it determined that its future success hinged on the need to restructure its leadership and ensure that their employees truly fit with the organization’s mission and vision. After determining proper qualifications and culture criteria, the company hired a plant manager, general manager and marketing professional, and promoted a Purchasing Manager to Operations Director.

McClone also updated employee manuals, established hiring and transition protocols, enacted employee review processes and ensured that all practices were in compliance with state and federal regulations. Continued training is provided to further develop leaders for future growth and break down barriers between departments.

Profit increase in 1 year

RiskMAP Results

The company’s growth as a result of the recommended changes is nothing short of amazing. In addition to increasing profits by nearly 1,000% in a single year, its sales increased by $3 million over three years.

Without ever having to add HR staff, the company can now rest easy knowing that McClone and their HR experts are just a phone call away should issues or questions arise, and they’re there to help ensure the company stays on track and continues to strengthen its brand as a trusted and reliable partner in the industry.

“They really take the time to get to know our company and give the best personalized advice whenever we need it.”

RiskMAP: a process to uncover risks
and better position organizations for success


A leading manufacturer of custom machine parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) lacked organizational structure and was ill-equipped to address its workforce planning needs. Due in part to a lack of management training and support, the company struggled to maintain an engaging culture, to establish proper hiring and termination practices and manage its growing workforce in multiple states, and provide them with affordable benefits packages.


McClone performed a detailed analysis of the manufacturer’s business and organizational structure to determine a roadmap for addressing their most pressing needs, as well as a plan to develop both short- and long-term goals for growth. Executive assessments and employee interviews were conducted, and the metrics and findings gathered helped determine quality standards for all employees and identify where improvements were needed.


Quarterly meetings are held to assess performance, update on the latest regulation changes, analyze various Human Resources needs and strategize for future growth. McClone’s experts are consulted at any time to help with new hires or terminations to ensure compliance and proper documentation.


McClone’s thorough assessment and consultation revealed the need to restructure the organization’s leadership. Key leadership positions were filled and training was provided to equip them with the skills and tools they needed to succeed. A 90-day training program was implemented for all new hires, and best practices for recruiting were established to ensure new hires aligned with the company’s culture. With a new focus and strong leadership, the company went from $10,000 to $1 million in profitability in just one year.

“It’s always been a top priority to take the best possible care of our people, and McClone helps us do exactly that. They take the time to listen, understand, and regularly bring actionable insights that continue to better position our company for success.”

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