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Success Stories

Strategic. Transparent. Refreshing.

See how other organizations have leveraged their relationship with McClone to mitigate business risks, enhance employee engagement and benefits, protect their livelihoods and improve business outcomes

Human Resources Case Study

Implementing an HR Solution that Helped Turn a Profit

A family-owned manufacturer of industrial machine parts struggled to turn a profit, get the most out of its employees and build a collaborative culture. McClone’s initiatives and plan resulted in profits increasing by nearly 1,000% in a single year and a $3 million increase in sales over three years.

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Employee Benefits Case Study

Lowering Healthcare Premiums with a Strategic Approach

See how one municipality took control of their healthcare, made wellness a priority and created a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees, resulting in reduced claims and a significantly reduced loss ratio.

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Business Insurance Case Study

Reducing Work Comp Premiums and Improving Worker Safety

With the guidance from a McClone risk advisor, a manufacturer ensured compliance and reduced its annual work comp premium by approximately $36,000 per year.

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Refreshing Insights blog-arrow-right

A collection of articles from the McClone team with the helpful knowledge and insights to ensure your organization is well protected.