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Construction Contract Checklist

Construction Contract Checklist

Because today’s construction contracts are lengthy and packed with complicated legal language, it’s all too easy to overlook important details that could come back to hurt you later on. Use our complimentary checklist when reviewing your contract to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

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Construction Contract Language Guide

A Glossary of Construction Contract Language

Reviewing construction contracts can feel like studying a foreign language. You know how to cure concrete, but what is the “notice to cure” in your project agreement? This glossary will teach you the meaning behind common contract terms so you can avoid costly misunderstandings.

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Work Comp Cost Containment Guide

Learn the strategies you can deploy to ensure you’re properly calculating your DART rate and Experience Mod factor, and ensuring that your employees are classified properly.

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Guide to Avoiding Construction Contract Oversights

Simplify confusing contract compliance terminology surrounding insurance requirements with this helpful guide, including endorsements, waivers of subrogation, additional insured third parties, exclusions and more.

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Guide to Building a Positive Workplace Culture

A resource for improving your company culture with simple, actionable and cost-effective strategies — practical tips for any size workforce and budget.

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Jobsite Safety Checklist

In the rush to meet construction project deadlines, it’s important to keep safety at the top of your list.

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Hiring Tip Sheet for Manufacturers

Learn effective ways to promote positions, build relationships with potential candidates, and show why manufacturing is a rewarding career choice.

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Cybersecurity Tips for Manufacturers

Get practical cybersecurity tips for the manufacturing industry, including avoiding phishing scams, protecting IoT devices and ensuring proper cyber insurance coverage for your business.

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Bus Ins for Mfgs

Guide: Business Insurance for Midwest Manufacturers

An easy-to-understand guide to business insurance for manufacturers in the Midwest, listing the various types of insurance coverages needed and helpful tips and potential risks.

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Checklist: Human Resources Best Practices

An HR checklist to help manage a company’s most valuable resource — employees! Compliance, payroll and benefits, culture initiatives and more.

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Workplace Compliance Requirements Cheat Sheet

Understand which regulations apply to your company, as well as exemptions and considerations for various size businesses in this easy visual guide.

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Guide to Building a Better Benefits Package

A guide with budget-friendly ideas for improving your company’s benefits package, including retirement benefits, healthcare, personal development and more.

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Recruiting & Retention Tip Sheet

Use this visual tip sheet with practical and creative ideas for promoting open positions, attracting talent and sharing your company’s culture.

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Workplace Safety Checklist

A helpful workplace safety checklist showing OSHA recommendations and tips for developing a safety program, plus a list of dozens of safety issues to look for.

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Success Story: How HR Helped Turn a Profit

See how one manufacturer increased profits by nearly 1,000% in one year by outsourcing its human resource functions in this case study.

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Tips for Combatting Rising Healthcare Costs

Healthcare premiums on the rise? Use this guide to learn six practical and effective tips to reduce claims and ultimately control your organization’s healthcare benefit costs.

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In-House vs. Outsourced HR Comparison Guide

Side-by-side comparison showing the difference between in-house vs. outsourced human resources, and the benefits of using an HR services provider.

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Construction Hiring Guide: Overcoming the Skilled Labor Shortage

A guide for the construction industry outlining 6 areas your firm can focus on with practical tips for recruiting & attracting skilled labor.

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Success Story: Lower Healthcare Premiums are Possible

Learn how employees embraced a health plan strategy and wellness program to reduce claims & insurance costs, lowering their loss ratio and improving morale.

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Hiring Guide: How to Balance Culture & Experience

A hiring guide for finding employees who are both a culture fit and have the necessary job skills. Sample interview questions, statistics, training insights and more.

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Success Story: Reduce Work Comp & Improve Safety

Since work comp is required by law, many companies believe there’s nothing they can do to lower premiums. Learn how one company did it and also achieved compliance.

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Success Story: Improve Employee 401(k) Results & Compliance

Learn how a fresh approach to offering retirement plans for employees eased the burden of complying with regulations and improved returns for one company.

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HR Gap Analysis: Identify Potential Risks

Schedule a Human Resource Gap Analysis with us. We'll walk you through the steps to identify four key HR areas that every business needs to cover.

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