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The business leaders we work with obviously want to maintain safe facilities and want to stay in compliance with OSHA regulations. But they don’t want to spend time becoming experts on OSHA requirements and updates when their time is better spent focusing on growing their businesses.

That’s why easy-to-understand, up-to-date resources are so important to help businesses stay on top of their requirements year-round.

McClone has partnered with OSHALogs on a 2023 Compliance Guidebook to help you navigate the current recordkeeping and electronic submission requirements but just as important, it provides key information on what OSHA is considering for next year’s requirements.

OSHA is in the final stages of updating some key regulations and, as a result, some companies may need to approach their recordkeeping and reporting in 2023 very differently than prior years.

Some enterprises in certain industries (and by “certain” we mean about 65% of all industries) may need to provide a lot more information to OSHA than they did in the past. In addition to the Form 300A that most companies are required to submit now, some will also have to submit their Form 300 and Form 301 as well.

The time to prepare for this possibility is now. Maintaining all of your recordkeeping throughout 2023 and being mindful of OSHA’s final rulemaking will make submissions in Q1 2024 much easier.

The Compliance Guide is a great place to start, and some of the upcoming changes were also discussed on a webinar earlier this year featuring Dustin Boss from OSHALogs.

As OSHA finalizes their changes, we’ll be sure to detail them on this blog. In the meantime, If you’re looking for ways to simplify OSHA recordkeeping, we can help. A great place to start is with a demo of the OSHALogs platform.


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