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Football BlogAttending your first football game is a rite of passage for many children. For parents, navigating the chaotic setting of a football game with little ones can be a challenge. By learning some tips on how to attend football games with kids, adults and children can get the most out of their game day experience.

1. Help Kids Cope with Stadium Noise

The crowds and noise of a stadium are overwhelming for many adults, so it’s not hard to imagine that it may prove to be difficult for children to cope with as well. In order to help sensitive children cope with the noise, adults can turn to a variety of kids' ear protection accessories. These options include: ear muffs, neoprene headbands and earplugs. Each of these solutions offers its own advantages and level of protection. Parents can select the right option by considering a child's comfort level with a particular product and how sensitive that child is to noise.

2. Dress Kids for the Weather

Football season starts in the early days of summer and extends well into winter. Thus, attending a football game may involve any weather scenario ranging from blazing heat to snow and frigid temperatures. Make sure that children are wearing the appropriate clothing for the weather. During the warmer months, bring: hats, sunglasses and sunblock. In the winter months, make sure that children have thermal layers on and outer jackets that can keep them warm even when sitting or standing still for hours on end. Stadium seat pads are another accessory that can make cold days more enjoyable, as are hand and foot warmers. Making sure that children are comfortable in any weather scenario can help ensure your enjoyment and your children's enjoyment of a game.

3. Use Alternatives to Strollers

Strollers are great tools for bringing toddlers along in most scenarios, but can be a nightmare in an environment such as a football stadium. With all of the stairs and escalators involved, not to mention the crowds, using a stroller can complicate game attendance. Instead, consider using slings or frame backpacks to tote smaller toddlers, allowing for easier navigation to and from stadium seats.

4. Have Safety Protocols in Place

It is all too easy for children to get lost in a crowd. A good tip to consider in crowded stadiums is to leave your child's ticket stub on him or her. This way if the child is lost, an usher or stadium attendant can help him or her get back to the right seats.

5. Have Fun!

Visit the concession stands, watch the halftime show, cheer for every touchdown, and enjoy the game!


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